How much time is this going to require?
How much time can you spare? If you can give 10 hours per month, that's great; however, you are in charge of your time.

What type of schedule will I work?
The schedule is flexible based on your availability. You plan your visits and calls around your time and the child's needs. The court is scheduled in advance, allowing for you to plan your time.

Will I have to go to court?
Volunteers attend scheduled court hearings as part of their assigned child's support system. Volunteer advocates provide the courts with recommendations in the best interest of the child being served.

How will I know what to do, will I be trained?
All volunteers will go through pre-service training. Training is flexible and typically a self-paced learning style to accommodate those who are employed.

What if I have questions, who do I speak to?
Volunteer Supervisors are assigned to the following counties
Kayla Figueroa: Worcester County
Tiffany Chapman: Wicomico County
Terry Edwards: Somerset County
All can be reached at 443-782-3585

How do I sign up?