Volunteer of the Quarter

Photo of John Wink

John Wink

Volunteer of the Quarter - nominated by Terry Edwards

John and his family reside in Worcester Co. With an interest in serving his community, John became involved with CASA. He was sworn in as a CASA Volunteer on June 22, 2022. While interested in being active in his community, John most likely did not think his first case would be in Somerset Co.
John most graciously accepted a case involving a 10-year old boy. He was appointed on August 24, 2022. John quickly developed a trusting relationship with this boy. "Mr. John" has been with this boy through many difficult moments.
I nominated John for CASA Volunteer of the Quarter due to his commitment and genuine caring/concern for this boy. John has been such a strong role model for a child who has not had a strong caring adult male in his life. John has ridden in an ambulance with this boy, seen him during his hospitalizations on the Western Shore and has attended DSS, School, and hospital meetings involving the boy. John can write an excellent court report with strong recommendations which the Court acknowledges. John attends Court hearings and does not hesitate in speaking up for this boy.
Thank you John for being a wonderful CASA Volunteer!